kD projects

"Ahoy, Business Buccaneers! Kapten Digital Commands the Digital Waves".

We have ran about RM500k ads in total for our clients advertising campaign in multiple platform.

List of clients

facebook ads & Content

dedicated meta support

No more experiments on your Facebook ads and content marketing.
See our real life cases on various niche of business.

instagram ads & content

Dedicated meta support

Special craft visual with helps of Ai, creative hook and compelling content that will increase your brand reputation in Instagram. Trust us!

Search engine optmization (SeO)

"oh! MY website at cemetery"

Are your website appears on page number 2, 3 in Google search results?
Let's us taking a deep care for you.

website, landing page

"I get traffic, but no conversion! Why?"

Engaging, Compelling, Rearranging without compromise the SEO are must to do to gain higher ROAS.
We don't sell hopes here, we sell facts!

Not enough?

Are you a marketer addict?
You can see the archive of our previous projects on our communication channel or join in the freemium 30 minutes LIVE session to talk with us.